No More Mess.

The SCUBA System is our car wash chemical dispensing system that saves you time and money. No more manual mixing, heavy lifting or triple washing drums.No more wasting chemicals. No more wasting time and money.

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Save time & money with the scuba system

Our specialized SCUBA ready chemicals are concentrated, promoting safe handling and ease of delivery, installation and storage. Drums and pails are bulky, making them difficult to move. This means no more triple-washing drums, and no more leaving containers outside for pickup. S.C.U.B.A. units are not only a fraction of the size, but with the optional wall mount, no floor space is required.

Easy Install

  • Quick and easy

  • Takes less than a minute

Eliminate Drums

  • Free up floor space

  • No more triple washing drums

Chemical Safety

  • Reduce potential chemical hazards

  • Eliminate risk of chemical exposure

Monitor Usage

  • Usage to the mL

  • Automatically monitor all products from any internet-capable device

Feel the Difference

Get it under control. Get

SCUBA Net is our web-based platform that monitors chemical usage 24/7, providing ultimate clarity for the car wash operator.

  • Monitors chemicals 24/7 with automated email alerts

  • Monitors usage per car and cost per car with high and low usage alerts

  • Provides automatic inventory updates

  • Set up automatic product ordering when chemicals reach a certain level

  • Has the ability to add different sensors as you grow

  • Monitors bulk chemical levels

  • Access reports from anywhere with an internet connection