The Signature Series Power Blender is your economical green alternative to drum products. Utilizing one Power Blender mixer with the highly concentrated surfactants eliminates the need for purchasing products in drums. The Power Blend product line offers you the choice of a powdered alkaline base, two alkaline liquid bases, as well as, an acid based alternative. All of these can be used in combination with the same surfactant. You are helping to save the environment, while saving yourself money, and loads of space in your equipment room. Whether you like the savings of a powder base, or prefer a liquid product, Power Blend equals instant savings and instant product.

Signature Series Power Blender Car Wash Liquid to Powder System The Power Blender is a powerful tool in our efforts to clean using cost effective “Green” Technology! The customer is loaned the tank, and purchases a powdered version of the appropriate foundation. The product comes in a 40 lb. box that contains 2-20 lb. bags. All you have to do is pour the powder into the Power Blender and push a button when you need a batch of products produced! Our highly concentrated product lasts longer than the competition and eliminates the need for systems that attempt to mix product as needed. That means your tank is the same strength no matter how busy your wash!

Foundation + Surfactant = Power Blend

Our unique Power Blend system enables you to adjust the amount of suds instead of having to purchase a higher or lower sudsing product. Adjust the cleaning strength instead of having to purchase a more concentrated product. Save on refilling as well as storage from the reduced footprint. Easy, long lasting and economical!

Quick Tip: The average self-serve car wash facility can save up to 50% on chemical costs by utilizing C K’s Power Blend Signature Series Products. That’s real bottom line savings. Trouble free Power Blend set up requires no electronics… just soap! Make your car wash products last longer by using Power Blends unique mixing system that uses every last drop of soap.

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